The following is a list of general services provided by Kognisens.

Business Health Check

The Kognisens Business Health Check allows you to really put an ear to the ground and hear what your people are saying and feeling without any filters.

Cross Cultural Inductions / Training

Learning to work across cultures goes both ways - and training should happen in both directions.

Don't risk failing to deliver on a project or investment just because of communication breakdowns or cultural clashes in the workplace.

Whether with your own team, investors, clients or future business partners, we realise the importance on nipping cultural understanding in the bud, as well as establishing systems that help ensure that people actually apply what they've learnt.

Local Business Partner / Supplier Sourcing and Negotiation

Source new potential business partners, suppliers and services on the ground across Asia.

We will help source and screen potential candidates as a local without triggering 'foreigner' treatment or rates.

Multilingual Facilitation

Whether facilitating a meeting for a desired outcome, or facilitating corporate training to help your employees develop both professionally and personally, the outcome should not be compromised merely because a participant wasn't able to express themselves fully in a language that wasn't their mother tongue.

We provide professional, multilingual facilitation and training services in local languages including but not limited to Thai, Lao, Malay, Indonesian and Mandarin.

Language Services

Communication is key to successfully doing business in a foreign country. Having only one node of language translation and interpreting (eg. the CEO's PA or an interpreter provided by the client) can reap havoc on your business plans.

We provide professionally language services in interpreting, translating your company's message through writing copy that's in-tune with the local market.

We can also help localise your company's vision, mission, goals and training syllabus in a way that will realise all of those things that are important to you, with a local feel - and we will give you a 'heads up' if we see anything that might not fly with a local audience.

Corporate Training and E-Learning

Our trainers have extensive experience facilitating and training not only soft skills such as Presentation Skills, Sales, Negotiation, Team Building, Leadership and Management, but we also provide hard skills training in areas that complement these things across industries including Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Construction, Modern Trade, FMCG, Key Accoung Management, Sustainable Development as well as humanitarian topics including mitigating Human Trafficking and People Smuggling.

We also have experts in E-Learning who can help you design, produce and distribute content, as well as help you set up your Learning Management System if you don't already have one.